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APM Catalyst/SOI 2.2 connector GA

  • 1.  APM Catalyst/SOI 2.2 connector GA

    Posted 02-06-2014 11:53 AM

    Hi everyone,

    A new version (2.2) of the APM Catalyst/SOI connector has been posted here:


    What’s new in this release?

    • A new service import mode that will now also import APM backends (requires an APM 9.6 Enterprise Manager)
    • Support for EPAgents and 8.x Agents
    • Right-clicking on the alert in SOI will take you directly to the alert definition in the Management Module editor (yes, you still need to login first)
    • Alert name prefix for Alert MdrElementId
    • CI Deletion Support
    • Agent name now shown in message and summary alert fields
    • And the usual bug fixes

    What versions of APM and SOI does it support?

    • All supported versions of APM 8 and above
    • All supported versions of SSA 2.5, SOI 3.x and above

    Best regards and happy service modeling,