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Can CA CEM be integrated to SAP SED?

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  • 1.  Can CA CEM be integrated to SAP SED?

    Posted 05-09-2014 11:30 PM


    I have a customer who is going to purchase SAP solution. SED is their agent for monitoring NetWeaver performance. I'd like to use CA CEM as End to End and Service Quality solution for them.

    As far as I know, there's a Enterprise Manager(EM) within SAP Solution Manager.

    Can I use CA CEM(TIM) to integrate with the EM within SAP Solution Manager?

    The defeat transaction found by CEM can be linked to the defeat transaction found by SED(Introscope) correctly?


  • 2.  RE: Can CA CEM be integrated to SAP SED?
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    Posted 05-15-2014 03:00 PM
    You are correct, and that is a good goal!
    The SAP Extended Diagnostics solution is the licensed, upgraded version of RightToView Introscope. Both include an SAP-published (CA) Enterprise Manager which supports integration with Solution Manager Diagnostics.
    As I understand it, the (CEM) dependency lies in the version of SED installer for Enterprise Managers (MOM+Collector/s) - older SED versions did not include the APM Database nor CEM-related (Transaction Events Statistics Server) services; newer versions do. 
    That SED version is dependent upon the Solution Manager version in order to support integration and data sharing SED/EM (ISPush Service). 
    So to accurately answer your question whether you can use the SED EM with CEM, you need to confirm the versions in your target environment. Worst case (if old versions) would be that CEM would report to an APM EM; SED Agents point to SED EM; integrate via CDV or Summary MOM.
    The other consideration regarding CEM is to be sure the SAP traffic is HTTP/S at the point where CEM/TIM would be monitoring.  As you probably know, SAP applications have multiple interface options including SAP GUI that might communicate via DIAG/RFC rather than HTTP/S.
    That being said, I have seen CEM record and monitor SAP user transactions, and it is a great perspective for monitoring, extending visibility beyond the Netweaver Java systems.
    In the event your environment has limited HTTP/S traffic, or if the customer is heavy Citrix / SAP thick client, CA Application Delivery Analysis is another viable option to monitor client-server and server-server transactions via TCP/IP to isolate SAP application degradation - including to HANA.  If the goal is triage - "is it network or server" - then ADA is a good option.
    Anyway, just be sure to qualify the SAP environment versions and tech stack. Or post them here and we can verify.
    PS - SED is licensed by SAP; CEM is currently only licensed by CA. 

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