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Fibre Channel?

  • 1.  Fibre Channel?

    Posted 02-06-2019 10:54 PM

    hi there,

    i am building a NAS server with 3-6 drives and RAID 5 and later 6. most of the file can be to be had through NFS, however i would also want to play a little with Fibre Channel. i discovered some QLogic HBAs on ebay, which i'd purchase, mainly the QLE246x collection. i've a few questions regarding fibre channel:

    Is it previous? I guess iSCSI is extra common however additionally for the identical bandwidth greater costly, at the least right now. also I want lazers at home.

    Does the QLE2460x collection work nicely on Debian?

    Technically, one HBA with one port for every host is enough, regardless of five hosts, when configured for arbitrated loop. Do all hosts need to be configured or does the loop nonetheless work with one host offline. Do the HBA simply "pass through" whilst offline?

    What kind of cables do I want for fibre channel?

    I don't see many posts in this subreddit involing fibre channel... I guess there may be a purpose?

    thank you guys