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9361-8i and I/O Scheduling

  • 1.  9361-8i and I/O Scheduling

    Posted 03-21-2019 11:11 AM

    Does anyone know if the 9361-8i card has on-board I/O Scheduling??   I have read that if the Linux kernel also has I/O Scheduling enabled that this may cause problems/conflicts.   I have looked in the "show all" information of the card and the only thing I can see is a "Real Time Scheduler" but not sure if that is the same as an I/O Scheduler.  Also, the Real Time Scheduler is only listed under the "Supported Adapter Operations" so not sure if that means that it is available to use or just 'available' but not enabled.  I have also looked in the User Guide and StorCli documents without any information in either of those two documents about an I/O Scheduler.  I have also seen reference to a Consistency Check Scheduler, but the explanation of that option seems to be more of HDD health than it is about scheduling R/W requests to the drive.  Any help would be appreciated.