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HCMS-3962 5x7 alphanumeric device usage

  • 1.  HCMS-3962 5x7 alphanumeric device usage

    Posted Apr 23, 2019 05:36 AM

    I am using broadcom device part number-HCMS-3962 5x7 alphanumeric device in my design. I am controlling this device using a FPGA. I am making blank signal to logic low. osc_sel to logic high; control word0 to bits "01111111"; control word1 to bit "10000010". I am following the signal as per the fig5 of the HCMS3962 data sheet. I need to load 40 bit of data to display one charater. The data I am loading is for displaying the character C. I am able to see the character C, but it is flickering. what could be the issue?