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"Content" view - read/unread threads indication.

  • 1.  "Content" view - read/unread threads indication.

    Posted Jul 18, 2014 04:56 AM

    The convention in these internet-message-board-type-things is that a visual-clue is given to the user as to whether they have read (or not) read a thread.


    Typically the convention will be that the thread title will be in BOLD for an unread thread and not-in-bold for a thread you have read, some systems will have a discrete icon for unread-posts.


    Jive seems to try to follow the bold/not-in-bod convention, but it doesn't always work; example below.


    I go to my Clarity content view, filtered on Discussions ; CA Clarity and look at the list I see that the "Project Hierarchy Porlet" discussion is in bold (Fig A) - now I know (because I have my own inbuilt memory system ) that I have recently contributed to this thread and the fact that the thread is in bold makes me think that someone has added to that discussion.  Note that the last activity says July16th @5:29.


    However, when I go and look at the discussion-thread itself (Fig B) - I see that the last activity was actually my post made on July16th at 5:29. So why would the content view display that thread in bold?


    If I then refresh the content view, the thread is (correctly) not in bold (Fig C) - i.e. how it should have appeared initially.




    This all might sound a bit trivial, however things like this (and Allow customisation of the "Content" view (or just change it for everyone) ) do really affect the "workflow" of how I use the community. Yes I know that there are other ways to consume information ("feeds" and the like which I do also use) but there are other issues with them (mainly around noise-levels - the feeds also show me stuff that I have already read for example).


    Is it that the bold/not-in-bold rendering is something at browser-level?  i.e. I may not have clicked on that link in the content-view to access the thread before (because Jive has all these new other-ways of getting to the content), so the content-view is not actually showing me threads I have/have-not read but URLs that I have/have-not clicked-on? If this is the case then that is another candidate for "design issue" in the application (and all the more reason to upvote that idea! ).


    (PS - this is all meant in the spirit of "feedback" rather than "moaning", even when it sounds like all I'm doing is moaning! )