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Next Week on Communities ( Sept. 5th - 8th)

  • 1.  Next Week on Communities ( Sept. 5th - 8th)

    Posted Sep 01, 2017 11:42 AM

    September 5th


    ARD Community Webcast - CA ARD and Taurus Integration 

    Software testers are under pressure to deliver fully tested software faster than ever before, while also improving quality and driving down project costs. CA Agile Requirements Designer (ARD) is an end-to-end requirements gathering, test case design, and test automation tool which drastically reduces manual testing effort and enables organizations to deliver quality software to market earlier and at less cost. The optimal set of manual or automated tests can be derived automatically from requirements modeled as unambiguous flowcharts and are linked to the right data and expected results. CA ARD can also generate test scripts for various platforms including Selenium and open-source testing framework Taurus using YAML. These YAML scripts along with the Selenium scripts created by CA ARD can automate and execute performance tests.

    September 6th

    How to start monitoring your mobile apps in minutes with app analytics 

    Are you looking to gain better insights into your mobile apps? CA App Experience Analytics is the single solution that delivers everything you need to know about your users and your apps.  

    Join this demo to see just how easy it is to tool a new or existing Android mobile application with CA App Experience Analytics and start gaining visibility into app health and end-user experience in just minutes.