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Should you get points for receiving "Likes"?

  • 1.  Should you get points for receiving "Likes"?

    Posted Aug 08, 2014 06:29 AM

    Hello Everyone,


    A question for discussion: Should you receive Community points for receiving a 'Like?'


    Liking content.png


    I've tested, and giving a community member a "Like" on one of their posts does not give them any points.


    On the other hand, I received one point for Liking their content:


    Like Content - 1 Points  - Like a piece of Content.png


    Now I can see what the intention is here with that last one - trying to drive behaviour on the Communities to increase engagement, by rewarding responsiveness.


    Putting on a "Like" is a small piece of engagement, so it gets a small reward - one point.


    But the question is - should the person who put in the content or the response also receive a point/s in your view? After all, it probably took more effort to create the content, than it did to click the "Like" button.


    My reading is that the design of the site seems to be to reward "active behaviour" such as creating a Discussion, or raising an Idea, or tagging content (One point per tag! Not group of tags. That seems overweighted to me.), or uploading a Document and so on.

    And that passive responses - number of Views to a post, or number of Likes, or Bookmarks or inclusions in a Search - are not included.


    Now, as one of the more frequent content creators, I do have to declare a vested interest in getting more Likes for my posts.



    But what do you think? Should there be a Communities points reward for receiving "Likes?"


    Or maybe a site admin. will already have a response on this one.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.