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TIP: How to paste a Communities' URL and have it auto-title correctly always.

  • 1.  TIP: How to paste a Communities' URL and have it auto-title correctly always.

    Posted Dec 10, 2014 07:19 PM

    Hello Everyone,


    If you've ever pasted a Communities URL into the Communities, you'll have noticed that it nicely "auto-titles" most of the time.


    For example, when you cut and paste this into Communities Content:

    URL auto-title 1.PNG

    it becomes this via auto-title:

    URL auto-title 2.PNG




    But this does not work all of the time. Sometimes you paste a link and it still remains "looking like a URL" at the end of it.


    For example this:

    URL auto-title 3.png

    becomes this:

    URL auto-title 4.png

    and stays that way! 


    Clicking on "Auto-Title" does not always seem to help!

    URL auto-title 5.png



    Fortunately, there is a solution.



    How to get "auto-title" to work all of the time.


    The cause of the issue is the "extra" information from the "#" hash symbol or "?" question mark symbols onwards.


    This extra information is added to the URL of the page of the content when navigating to it from another location.


    Removing this extra information after the "page id" will cause the display to be recognised by auto-tile.



    Just copy and paste the information up to the page id (green), and no more (red):


    URL auto-title 6.png

    Leaving out everything after the first "page id" onwards.



    Then this:

    URL auto-title 1.PNG

    becomes this:

    URL auto-title 2.PNG

    And we're happy!


    I do a lot of pasting of links, so this will help me, and I hope this helps others as well.


    Thanks, Kyle_R.


    The two links:
    With auto-title: Communities: Syntax highlighting for Perl and many other languages.
    Without auto-tile:


    Thanks to Melanie_Giuliani for pointing me to this.