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Editor very slow when creating a long post (using IE 11)?

  • 1.  Editor very slow when creating a long post (using IE 11)?

    Posted Feb 09, 2016 08:43 AM

    Is it just me, or does anyone else find that when creating a post of any significant length, with any significant formatting, such as indented bulleted lists, etc. then the responsiveness of the Editor dialog becomes turgidly slow?


    • I have just spent the better part of 20mins writing an enquiry that would ordinariy have taken probably less than 5 minutes, but it became increasingly difficult to go back and edit previous bullets points. 
    • I was using IE 11, and looking at Task Manager, it appears that iexplore.exe was consuming pretty much one full core all the time.
      • Therefore I am suspecting that the 'auto-formatting' / 'auto-correct' code is the culprit, because I'm sure it got worse as my post got longer.


    I am writing this using Chrome as a comparison so please indulge the perhaps excessive use of formatting... ;-)


    • It seem that, although this message is about 40% the size of the post I was trying to create in IE, the responsiveness of the dialog here remains perfectly acceptable.
    • This is but two data points but so far there is a strong correlation between IE 11 and an unsatisfactory Edit / Post experience...


    Have others found the same - are there any known issues around IE 11 (on Win 7) - or is it just me and my aging laptop?