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Updated System : How do I show new content in my feeds at a summary level?

  • 1.  Updated System : How do I show new content in my feeds at a summary level?

    Posted Nov 10, 2015 09:58 AM

    Hi - apologies if this Q is a bit early into the new system's life but I've been struggling to get it set up how I want it...


    What I want to do is have one place (preferably) that I can go to and see everything that I'm interested in. I want a single "home page".


    In the previous-system, I could just about do this on the old "Inbox" screen, in that the "Inbox" contained notification of replys to any posts that I had made - I am mainly interested in this sort of content - (albeit polluted somewhat by those annoying "Someone has liked your post" notifications that I am always complaining about ). Additionally that "Inbox" page gave me some visibility of my "Streams" and I could from there whether any of my followed streams had new content (I could not see the content, just whether there was new content).


    In the new system, the "Streams" are not visible in the "Inbox", having moved to "News" - so whilst I get the similar "Notification" functionality in the "Inbox" I can no longer see if my followed community has new content from the "Inbox"


    SO ; I have been experimenting with the "Your View" page, which looked promising... I can add "tiles" there that list the content of my followed communities (this is good), but unfortunately I can not tell from these whether a particular discussion has new posts, so without relying on my memory (which isn't currently configured to do this) this doesn't quite work for me - ideally I would have expected those tile views to at least embolden the discussion title or flag it with a graphical clue to denote new content - such is normal collaboration-platform behaviour I would have thought?


    By navigating to the various communities individually it starts to show me what is new therein, but I've had to drill-down to get there.




    Am I missing something here then?