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Your View / "Recently Viewed" - broken? (might just be me!)

  • 1.  Your View / "Recently Viewed" - broken? (might just be me!)

    Posted Aug 10, 2017 12:14 PM

    Hello - this is NOT VERY IMPORTANT AT ALL, but...


    I set my communities home page as the "Your View" link since that allowed me to build a couple of simple views of content (recent posts in communities) that was much more useful to me than the "stream" of stuff on the Jive home page (IMHO).


    On that "Your View" I could add a view that was my "Recently Viewed" things - this was also relatively useful as you can use it to go back to that thing you were looking at a few minutes ago but forgot how you found it and have now closed that window...


    This is how it was/is set up;



    Anyway - its currently broken for me - it just displays as the bit at the top of that image rather than a list of discussions (aka " content") that I had recently visited.


    This started (being broken) a few days ago - prior to that it was working fine for a long period of time.


    Is that just me?