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[IMPORTANT] Possible Malware with Internet Explorer 11

  • 1.  [IMPORTANT] Possible Malware with Internet Explorer 11

    Posted Feb 15, 2017 02:38 PM

     We have been informed by Jive that they've discovered malware that may affect Internet Explorer 11 users on the platform.  Below is the information we received from Jive.


    Here are some important facts we have learned about this malware:

    • Affects Internet Explorer 11 and possibly the Microsoft Edge Browser on Windows systems
    • Identifies itself as "Amazon Assistant"; it appears to be a malicious spoof of the legitimate Amazon Assistant
    • May appear as an Internet Explorer add-on, or found in the Add/Remove programs feature in Windows
    • There appear to be multiple versions in the wild; some of them show a version number of 10.17.0201 in Add/Remove programs
    • We have not determined the intended function of this malware, but it should be assumed that it poses a greater security threat
    • Both authenticated (logged in) and unauthenticated users (users not logged into their Jive community but with an Internet Explorer browser open) can trigger the effects of the malware.



    We are advising our customers to actively check for malware installed on any Windows systems. We recommend users take the following steps:

    1. Ensure Anti-virus software is deployed across all Windows PC, and ensure it regularly scans and updates malware definitions
    2. Review your Internet Explorer Add-ons and Disable anything suspicious or unwanted.
    3. Review the installed software on your Windows system and remove anything suspicious or unwanted.