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Typo: In History Reward text.

  • 1.  Typo: In History Reward text.

    Posted Jun 18, 2014 01:00 AM

    Hello Community Admins,


    A typo appearing in the Rewards section:


    KYLE R completed Great Response!

    15 Points - Have your Anser Marked as Helpful/Correct

    14 hours ago in CA Service Management


    "Anser" should be "Answer."


    Actually, maybe this would better read as "Have your Answer marked as Helpful/Correct"


    In looking through the history, some of the text could be made "smoother."

    There's great favour shown to capitalisation of JIVE terms, but then an entry like this misses the capitalisation.


    Go read some questions, and mark one as correct or helpful to earn this reward.

    And is not consistently formatted with the reward text above.

    Yes, I know, small beer stuff compared to migrating a whole site over the past few days, but add it to the list of minor changes to review.

    Thanks, Kyle_R.