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Lisa Travels the World in this New Game

By Anon Anon posted Apr 22, 2015 01:08 AM


Note: This is a re-recording of the demo Hoang Richter richo02  presented on our community call back in January as there were webex issues on the first recording



The LISA name has been retired and our character Lisa has decided to tour the globe in search of her next big adventure.

Her first task; make her way across the dry Sahara Desert while avoiding obstacles and keeping hydrated.  What will she face along the way? Find out in this recent video demo of the game "LISA Around the World" built by our community member Hoang Richter.


  • Level 1: Lisa's first task is to learn how to go the right direction and not run out of water.  After accomplishing this, she does a fun celebratory jig and moves on.
  • Level 2: Next Lisa is challenged with the dreaded QUICK SAND.  She fails initially (losing a life) but moves forward quickly to the top of the board to fuel up.
  • Level 3: The next obstacle is a Dune, right in the middle of her path to provisions. She skirts by this quickly by recognizing the obstacle and using it to direct herself around to the nearest Oasis.
  • Level 4: In this level, Lisa learns how to wait. She "thinks" over drinking from a new watering hole (the well), while stocking up for the rest of her journey. Then she advances to the Oasis to complete the game.


These first four levels are captivating, challenging and have you begging for the next release!  At the same time, you can easily learn how CA Service Virtualization works with specific transactions and arguments, think time and modified responses - all within the new DevTest Portal!


HINT: if you'd like to create your own backend virtual service but don't have a copy of our software, you can try it out here - Virtual API Cloud

All in a day's work.... enjoy!


Help Lisa make it across the desert with service virtualization - YouTube