Service Virtualization

A Valentine for "DevTest"?

By Anon Anon posted 02-13-2015 10:08 AM


A Valentine for LISA sounds much better, but we have moved on.  So this year here is my Valentine to DevTest.  (Ya I know...But just have fun with it!)

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Dearest DevTest,

Another year has come and we have both changed,

with Spring we see love is in the air and many things are new,

Your face is fresh and new and shines for all to see,

You see into my deepest thoughts and make sense of them,

Your once limited capacity for sharing is now boundless,

You can help me as I journey and assist me at my work,

You get smarter with every attachment you make,

You improve my attempts at perfection and you help show me how to improve,

Your list of admirers has grown beyond what I could have imagined,

Any your bounds seem ever increasing,

DevTest you make me a better person.


Stefana_Muller Chris_Kraus (with virtual flowers Ever wonder what a virtual flower looks like for Valentines?)ArpiJakab Bharath_Vantari Arif_Muhammad