Release Automation

You Asked - We Listened! RA Idea Review - July 2016

By schur01 posted 07-27-2016 04:12 PM


The Release Automation community is a great resource for getting feedback from our users, and ideas are the best way to gauge what type of features we should focus on for the future of the product. We wanted to show you that we are listening to your feedback - so we are starting a quarterly blog to highlight your ideas that have been implemented into the product or that will be coming in a future release.


Last quarter we released Release Automation 6.1. The version included the following ideas, as posted by you. These ideas have been marked as Delivered:

  1. Character Limit – Included in RA 6.1
  2. ROC: Fix Login Issues for LDAP users with certain characters in password -  Included in RA 6.1 cumulative (bug fixed in 6.2)
  3. Not able to delete applications from ASAP in all environments E1, E2 and E3. - Included in RA 6.1
  4. Add option when import an application with Shared Components -Included in RA 6.1
  5. Built-in Java Update for Release Automation Components - Included in RA 6.1
  6. Action Pack Atlassian JIRA - Included in RA 6.1


We also found some ideas we'd like to implement in future releases, these ideas have recently been marked as Currently Planned:

  1. Simplify SSL Application Between RA Components
  2. API for Nolio User and Permissions Management
  3. Collect logs filtered by time stamp
  4. Shared Component duplication


Please keep the ideas coming! In addition to taking your feedback through ideas here on the community, we are about to start a new partnership with our users where you guys can actively influence on the product roadmap as it is built...stay tuned for an announcement on that in the next few days!