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You: Voted Most Likely to Succeed (with CA Agile Central Training)

By Giselle.Collazo posted 10-09-2017 12:40 PM


How do I…?


Where is…?


Why does it work this way?


Are you finding it challenging to get the most out of CA Agile Central, or are you new to the platform, and not sure where to start?

The CA Agile Central Power User is an in-person, 2-day course that supports new and beginner-level users. This course will help you build the foundation of your Agile Central platform from the ground up including creating your custom workspace, navigating pages, managing product backlogs, user stories, defects and more.

Learn more and register here: https://agileacademy.ca.com/courses/ca-agile-central-power-user 


Don’t Go It Alone! Avoid Bad Habits That Lead to Frustration

“Wow, I wish I’d known this months ago”

We hear this a lot as people are wrapping up our CA Agile Central Power User class.

We know how frustrating and time consuming it can be to DIY with such a robust platform. That’s why nothing beats immersion and collaboration with other customers who may be using our features in unique ways. This is your chance to discover new ways to interact with the platform and other Agile Central users.

More Than Just A Tool

Understanding the how and why of visibility options allows you to leverage that information for better results across your agile organization. With training, you’re most likely to use Agile Central to support your agile transformation rather than watching your path to agile nirvana be constrained by a powerful tool.


Not only will you become more comfortable with the platform, you’ll be a driver for your organization’s proficiency with agile best practices.


Is This Course Right for Me?

This course has been designed with you in mind. If you’re a new user or you’ve had the tool for a while and you’re still feeling like you’re not using it to its fullest potential, this course is for you. You’ll get more personalized instruction than traditional digital onboarding, so you can quickly master CA Agile Central.

So if you’re ready, click this link to register: https://agileacademy.ca.com/courses/ca-agile-central-power-user