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What you may have missed (May 16 - May 31, 2016)

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Hi Community,  Yes, I fell a bit behind on my 'What you may have missed' blog series (sigh...) but I believe its for good reason.I've been working along side our product marketing teams (specifically with Steve Guthrie) to bring you events with intent to deliver to you, our customers, timely and relevant information on product updates. We hope that you have been able to join some or all of them. If not, no worries, we generally do record most of them.  Here are links to some of our most recent events:


Events you might have missed:


Webcast Recap: What's New in CA Performance Management 2.8 and VNA 1.1

Webcast Recap: CA Unified Infrastructure Management for z Systems Helps Remove Silos

Webcast Recap: Monitoring Citrix Environments with CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Webcast Recap: Vision and Roadmap for CA Unified Infrastructure Management

Webcast Recap: Introducing CA Spectrum 10.1.1 and Demo

Webcast Recap: What's New in CA Application Performance Management 10.3

Webcast Recap: CA UIM Integration - Operational Mode

Webcast Recap - Introducing CA Service Operations Insight 4.0 CU1


Answer this poll --> What IT Service Desk are you using?



Announcing CA Unified Communications Monitor 4.2 General Availability

Hotfix alert: UIM 8.4 - LDAP/UIM Users may not be able to log in to Admin Console

Downloading CA UIM Probes

Useful tools

Redesigned Content Coming This Weekend


New Videos

Are you Ready To Track Performance & Fault in the New SDN/NFV Networks?


New Tech Tips

CA on CA Tech Tip - Enabling the CA APM Java Agent for CA UIM UMP (wasp) monitoring

Tech Tip: Determining which OID's are queried in Performance Management

Wireless Monitoring with CA Spectrum.pdf


Files from the May 2016 EMEA DevXchange Conference (great material in here) contact Abdel_Laabi with any questions:

DevXchange - May 2016


New Blogs

Future-proofing your network and infrastructure monitoring

BLOG:  It's time to play nice across the SDN/NFV vendor ecosystem

SDN: Not just for the massive IT shops anymore

What Opening an Airplane Exit Door In-Flight Taught Me About Design


New Ideas

CA Performance Management

Configurable Discovery Timeout, Retries, etc. CA Performance Management

CA Performance Manager, import or manually add data to dashboard.

Would like to add the IfAlias’s string to the Description in CAPC —> Inventory —> Interface for Huawei device

Dr_validate to check Kernel

Tag metric in Response Test metric not available, would like to have it in future version of IM 2.X

Allow An Alias To Be Used In Performance Reports Designer Portlet

Ability to Save OpenAPI Queries

DA/DC should be able to poll String type.

Host tracking from netflow data



UIM - sngtw Service Now probe to support Geneva release

Azure probe support for VMs and Objects deployed via Resource Manager

UIm - processes to support single profile to monitor all processes

Change default controller settings on install

sqlserver probe should support MS SQL Server 2016

Add alarm after x events in logmon probe

Hardware monitor for servers

Enhancement to UIM that allows the Alarm Notes to be sent to ServiceNow

IIS probe 'localhost' is NOT Available alarm

Create a 'probe_config_clear' pu command for the controller

Allowing package deployment based on a USM group

Allowing package deployment based on a flat file

Design Custom cdm Profiles to Work With Clustered Drives/the cluster Probe

Not able to fetch configuration details from snmpcollector probe(CA UIM)

Profile grouping in Snmpcollector

Filters for Unified Dashboards

Redesign Licenses

Backup Secondary Hub Super Package

Admin console probes to support configuration export/import

A Single Page Monitoring Summary for UMP


CA Spectrum

Spectrum & CABI - run reports on CPU, Memory utilization

Spectrum Firmware Upload Verification

Consistent behaviour when pinging a single or multiple device/s

Automated voice call system.

Custom search to display devices created within a sliding window or relative date period

Certify NetApp Cluster in Spectrum

Provide TrapExploder tool with Spectrum

Spectrum vPC Manager Support for non-unique domain ids

Option to Disable Rpt_Segment Model Generation


CA Network Flow Analysis

(NFA) some ideas

Introduce "Retire" and "Rename" to NFA

Netflow wireless controller

Include Cisco AVC NetFlow metric support in NFA for RTP protocol, specifically jitter, latency, and loss

Include deeper Cisco AVC ART (response time) metric support in NFA



Incorrect memory Report for Linux OS


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