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CA Agile Central at Agile 2017 - Day 1

By Caitlin Lam posted 08-07-2017 05:01 PM


Today kicked off an exciting first day of the Agile 2017 Conference in sunny Orlando, FL, in which CA Technologies is proud to be a title sponsor. The CA Agile Central team is on-site and in action– providing product demos, giving guidance in the Coaches Corner, recording AgilityCast for Business discussions with industry leaders, and for some of our transformation consultants– even presenting sessions of their own.


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CA Agile Central rockstars working the demo stations at our booth in the expo hall.


Ronica Roth (Advisor & Lead, Agile Practice Development) and Christine Hudson (Advisor, Enterprise Agility) presenting on their Monday morning topic: Only Responsible Leaders Can Collaborate in a High-Functioning Team.


Tom Perry (Managing Consultant) shares tips for preparing for agile coaching engagements.


Marla Schimke (Dir. Product Marketing) interviews James Chan (Dir. Agile Management Technical Sales) in an episode of AgilityCast, for Business, a web and podcast series featuring discussions between industry thought leaders.


Would you like to share your thoughts on the current state, or future of business agility? We would like to feature you in an upcoming episode of Agilitycast, for Business. If you are at Agile 2017, stop by the CA Technologies booth for more information.


Quote-worthy insights of the day:

"Success in business today– in the face of constant and rapid change– means giving customers what they need."

"An awesome team happens only when the members are connected via vulnerability-based trust."


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