Don’t neglect your infrastructure management software

By Armando_Diana posted Dec 20, 2016 01:00 PM


My son had never played a soccer game in his life but there he stood in the goalie net for his high school JV team. Four weeks into his “soccer career” and we had already upgraded his goalie gloves twice to lessen the impact of the jammed fingers he was getting from blocking the repeated shots by rival teams.

While you won’t hurt your fingers if you don’t upgrade your organization’s infrastructure management software, there could still be negative repercussions when sticking with older versions of software. From wasted time spent on manual tasks to a lessened customer experience, the negative side effects of your outdated software aren’t beneficial to your company’s continued success.

Upgrading your current infrastructure management software could mean thousands of dollars for one license. That number can quickly multiply to tens of thousands of dollars when dealing with multiple users. That is a big hit to the IT budget.

Question: Would you rather spend a lump sum of money in one shot or eventually spend the same amount over time coupled with lost productivity?

Here are a 5 reasons you need to consider upgrading.

  1. It reduces costs over the long term. Most upgrades fix annoying bugs or glitches in the older version. This saves the IT staff time and makes them more productive which saves you money in the long run.
  1. It makes employees happier. Fewer bugs mean fewer headaches. It also means your staff can complete their tasks quicker giving them time to work on other important projects. It also mean they can spend less time working late and more time with their families. A winning situation for everyone.
  1. It keeps employees focused on the business. By providing your staff with the most updated tools, you can help them do their jobs and eliminate frustrations that come with outdated tools. Improved staff morale equals an improved working environment.
  1. It keeps you a step ahead of your competitors. Keeping pace with the speed of business is hard enough without having to worry about your competition beating you to the punch. Staying ahead of your competitors means using every possible advantage. Updated software that makes you more productive with a happier staff keeps you ahead of the competition.
  1. It removes future compatibility concerns. Eventually, that old software you are using will be marked for “end-of-life” status. Once that happens, there is no long-term guarantee of compatibility with any future software, there will be no release updates, and technical support and troubleshooting will no longer be offered. Staying vigilant in software upgrades eliminates a doomsday scenario.


Replacing goalie gloves keeps my son’s hands safe and mind focused on the game. The same goes for replacing older versions of your company’s infrastructure management software.

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