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Extending DevTest Just Got a Little Bit Easier

By Anon Anon posted 02-11-2015 12:51 PM


Ideas that are submitted to the DevTest community vary from product enhancements, to a need for best practices or just someone looking for help.  Some of the Ideas are quite specific and some are very broad and then there are those that are at a whole new level - like this one:

Extensive User guide for working with Java Scripting in LISA

Our product encompasses so many opportunities for extension that this request opened up a 'can of worms of' necessary product enhancements, best practices and a little bit of guidance to top it off.


The truth is, our application is very powerful, and therefore gives anyone the ability to make it work the way they need.  A lot of the information on customizing our solutions is somewhat "tribal knowledge" or "in the heads of the developers".  Basically, when we were asked to 'publish an extensive guide', we simply didn't know where to start!


First things first: we worked to gather some of that "Tribal Knowledge" and publish it for all to use AND contribute to.


Thanks to Ulrich_Vogt, with the help of Cam Bromley ( broca17) and Rick.Brown, our first release of the DevTest 8.0 Scripting Guide with sample code is now available.  I think the work that went into this document in its first pass encompassed something like 300 emails, 12 internal wiki pages, 37 revisions and lots of discussion (with room for product improvement).

These projects are always exciting because we not only get to empower our end users, but we get to discover use cases that are not yet known to us.  So, I encourage you to check out these 2 new resources Ulrich_Vogt published earlier today and to continue to comment on them to build them into what you need to be successful.


DevTest 8.0 - Scripting Guide - V1.0.pdf - A guide to building custom extensions for the DevTest solutions at CA Technologies

DevTest 8.0 - Scripting Guide - SampleCode - - Sample code to get you started

Though this content is provided under no warranty and it's currently meant for those with programming skills that already have knowledge of our product, our publishing this guide is a very clear step in the direction we want to take our product line - making it more easily extendable by all users to plug into their application development and delivery toolchain.


Let us know what you think - and where you think we need to focus further on this functionality.

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