Brocade Storage Fabrics Beauty Helps Unleash EMC’s New XtremIO All-Flash Beast Performance

By Anon Anon posted 05-06-2015 04:44 PM


Move over Godzilla. There is a new sheriff in town.


EMC unleashed “The Beast” this week at EMC World, which is their new aptly named software upgrade for XtremIO 3.X all-flash storage that more than doubles supported all-flash capacity to 40TB, with the ability to cluster eight of these monsters together with consistent and predictable sub-millisecond performance.


For these types of deployments, challenges then shift to the network, which could easily become a bottleneck to prevent enterprises from realizing the benefits of all-flash storage. The right network is critical for enabling highly reliable, fast throughput for applications such as real-time analytics, database lifecycle acceleration, SAP® landscape consolidation, private/hybrid clouds, enterprise-wide VDI, messaging, collaboration, and future-proofed Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) for healthcare.


For these types of applications, Brocade Fibre Channel and IP storage fabrics provide the beauty to help ensure that power of The Beast is fully realized in meeting stringent SLAs for multiple mixed Tier 1 and Tier 2 workloads. These workloads can then be consolidated with predictable low latency, end-to-end.


The EMC Beast and the Brocade storage fabric beauties are not a fairy tale.


Brocade just announced a heroic lineup of fabric-based networking solutions that perfectly complement XtremIO all-flash storage, both inside and between data centers, which will soon be part of the EMC Connectrix family. Together, they simplify and unify management across both Fibre Channel and IP storage.


Brocade beauty with the EMC beast redefines the all-flash storage experience. It’s a perfect match with a fairy tale ending.