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Docker Containers for DevTest

By Anon Anon posted Aug 30, 2015 12:23 AM


You have to admit, the open platform that Docker provides is a game-changer for application development. The CA engineering team uses Docker along with our CA Release Automation and DevTest solutions to enable our continuous integration of code changes.  This has helped us to move to a monthly release cadence while still maintaining our high quality software.


A few months ago we began sharing our continuous integration work with our Customer Validation team in an effort to learn from others how they are using tools like Docker to speed up releases.

We've seen a large group of customers use Docker within their continuous delivery process and more recently some have used Docker to easily deploy CA Service Virtualization or CA Application Test to a Platform as a Service (PaaS) environment (like AWS or Azure). One customer shared how they are deploying Simulators/Coordinators for use during performance testing and then tearing them down when they are done. Another gave insight to how they are auto-deploying a VSE server along with a running virtual service for a specific need and then tearing it down when done.


This "deploy and destroy" model is helpful when consuming hardware/services from a PaaS as you can reduce your cost by only hosting/running your tools when and where you need them.  With Docker Containers packaging up the OS and application in a single bundle, you can easily run our DevTest products on any infrastructure or any cloud that Docker supports.

In release 8.3, we shared the ability to create Docker Containers of the DevTest solutions to easily deploy DevTest instances in various environments. Lead engineer Jeff Tresselt (treje05) gave a thourough demo of how to build the containers adding in your DevTest license and any file-system customizations.  There is definitely more to come here and we welcome your feedback on enhancements we can make to this process.

Here is the video of Jeff's demo - please feel free to leave feedback, comments, additional use cases or questions in the "Comments" section below.

Demo Creating Docker Containers for CA Service Virtualization - YouTube