We Appreciate Your Ideas!

By SteveSolomon posted 11-10-2016 09:49 AM


Dear CA Gen EDGE Community Members,


We thank you for your participation and engagement in this community. We know that you find it valuable – and we do too. We appreciate the feedback you offer us, within discussions and questions, but also as formal ideas that you submit via the site.


To improve our ideation process and set your expectations for how we’ll review those ideas, I wanted to define what ideation stage means and then outline how the CA Gen Technical Leadership team will work with you and your ideas going forward.


Ideation Stage definitions were communicated in The Water Cooler back in August 2014. Here’s a link to the original post:


This table outlines what each stage means and what’s possible within each:






New idea created by community



Idea already exists in the community

Vote on Original Idea

Under Review

Currently under review by Product Management and product team.



Under consideration, but lacks votes or otherwise not high enough priority to be planned for a release


Currently Planned

Included in the agile backlog and potentially listed on the roadmap for future release.



Delivered in a GA release.

Not needed

Not Planned

Idea has been reviewed and will not be included in the product



It is CA Gen Technical Leadership team’s goal to review ideas monthly and have each idea move through the voting and comment cycle within 3 to 6 months. Some spaces have more active community members than others – so it is important to us that we strike a balance between the review cycle and our community members having a chance to review and vote. 


In addition to activity here on the site, we review ideas with customers during sprint reviews, host conference calls with customers who submitted popular ideas to confirm and clarify what is needed, review top-ranked ideas with customers during in-person user group meetings and regularly seek further clarity during face to face customer briefings. 


Some helpful tips to make your ideas likely to stand out. Sharing a description of the enterprise challenge you are seeking to solve or pain point that you would like to eliminate will make it easier for other community members to relate and vote. Also, being open to what the end solution looks like is key.  Our R&D team members may have a different take on how to meet your business need. Hence, ideas which explicitly state how the resolution is to be implemented may not make it as far through the review as desired.


The number and type of comments also plays a role in the review of Ideas. Ideas that have not been discussed as to why it should be implemented or how the implementation might look may remain in their current state regardless of other criteria. 


It is assumed that anyone voting for an Idea will be willing to participate in the development and validation process.  You will be invited to participate in the CA Gen Development process via the CA Gen Customer Validation Community ( The customer meetings only lasts about an hour but it is an opportunity for you to have a say in the direction and the type of the implementation that is taken for your (and others) Ideas.  You will also have the opportunity to download the current build of the product in order to have hands-on experience and to allow for a greater feel as to the way that the Ideas are being implemented.


We will also always explain – with transparency – why we place an idea in “Not Planned” or “Wish Listed” status.


Hopefully this makes it clear how important your input it and how we plan to review and consider it going forward.


If you have questions or care to share your experience in one of our activities where we review ideas, please leave us a comment. We are proud of the legendary service that CA Gen has provided to our customers and we are committed to delivering high quality enterprise solutions. 




Steve Solomon, CA Gen Product Manager


Lenn Thompson, Community Manager