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DevTest Ideas: Monthly Update - July 2016

By Anon Anon posted 07-01-2016 01:02 AM


Here's our second installment of the monthly DevTest Idea update. The goal of these monthly updates is to give you one place each month to see which ideas statuses have changed so that you can focus your attention to the updates that may be important to you and your team.


The list below is sorted by the status and then the category or product. For details on why the status was changed, just click on the link to the idea and check out our comments and notes.


Delivered: These features are GA! Comment on them to tell us what you think of them.


Currently Planned - We have these in our backlog as a high priority and our team is working to get them into the next major or minor release. Your comments are valuable here as we're in the process of building.


Wish Listed - We agree these are important ideas but either need more information or don't have it planned yet for a release. We've placed it in our agile backlog for prioritization. Vote for these ideas to move them up the priority list!


Under Review - We're researching, need more information from you or haven't yet dug deep into these ideas. Help us gain clarity by adding your comments and use cases.


Not Planned - We don't feel these ideas are aligned to our product strategy. They are not planned for now or future.