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App Of The Week - Custom Chart

By grama23 posted 06-06-2017 10:07 AM


With the launch of the newCommunity App Catalog doc, we want to highlight some of the awesome apps available for you to install and use right away. Today's post is about the Custom Chart app. You can find details on how to install the app as well as the full list of great appshere.


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Custom Chart

GitHub Project | Source Code to Install


Custom Chart Preview





This app is the chart equivalent of the Custom Board and Custom List apps. Pick a chart type (pie, bar or column), an object type, and a field to be aggregated and gain insight into your process via the generated chart. Use the advanced filtering control to further slice and dice your data. The data is also exportable for more fine grained inspection.


Use Cases


You need to see your data sliced and diced, and this app delivers! There are innumerable use cases for presenting your data just the way you want it, and here’s some ideas for inspiration:

  • View your defects by resolution to determine how many require code changes versus user education.
  • View your stories by estimate to see if story sizes are generally too big or too small which would indicate the team should recalibrate their sizing.
  • View your features by investment category, aggregated by story leaf plan estimate to assess how you’re spending your time across your portfolio and adjust accordingly.