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October DevTest Community (LISA) Member Spotlight - Tom Shokite

By Anon Anon posted 10-02-2014 04:13 PM


Getting to Know Tom Shokite


Job Title:  Senior IT Engineer

Based out of:  Windsor, CT

Former Job:  Software Engineer

What do you enjoy about your work:  The ability to work with new technologies across multiple groups/customers.  In particular I Love the ability to implement these new technologies, with actual usage, and demonstrate that to other groups.

About your family:  I have been happily married for 12 years.

Favorite 3 movies of all time:  Caddy Shack, Forest Gump, Sherlock Holmes Series (with Nigel Bruce & Basil Rathbone)

Favorite book:  The Robots of Dawn by Asimov.

Favorite hobbies:  Play Saxophone, Dancing,  Stained Glass

Interesting fact about yourself:  Started a corporate band to play for meetings and fund raisers several years ago.  Found amazing talent (not me) right at my work place!  Interesting what you can find if you only look.

Most Interesting Saying:  Anything invented by humans can be broken by humans.