Release Automation

What’s New in Release Automation 6.5

By Dirk Bleyenberg posted 09-19-2017 09:08 AM


6.5 Features and Enhancements

This release includes all features and cumulative maintenance up to 6.5 plus the following new features and enhancements:

Note: To use the new features that are provided in CA Release Automation 6.5, agent upgrade is required.


Single Sign-on
The new single sign-on (SSO) feature enables users using the corporate network to access the CA Release Automation web interface without entering their credentials.

For more information, see  Enable Single Sign-On.


Delete Process Tags
Users can delete process tags, even if they are in use by Release Operations Center objects (such as template categories and deployment plans). On deletion, the user can choose to switch all usages of the deleted tag in Template Categories and Deployment.


Templates to a different tag of the same process. 
For more information, see Tag Management.


Blocked Deployment Steps
A clear indication has been added to show a blocked approval step. Users can now easily notice blocked steps as well as detect blocking deployments.


System Settings
You can now configure CA Release Automation system settings in the Web interface. Previously, you could only configure system settings in the Java client.

For more information, see Manage System Settings.


Create Local Copy of Shared Component Revision
As a superuser, you can now create a local, editable copy of a shared component revision in a specified application.

For more information, see Shared Components.


Search Filters
Search filters have been added to the following views:

  • Template Category for the list of steps available for use in the deployment templates.
  • Deployment Plans by Project for search of projects.
  • Token Management for search of tokens.



  • REST APIs have been added to view design processes, process tags, process tag usages, and delete process tags.
  • REST APIs have been added to view shared component revisions, assign a shared component revision to an application, and create a local copy of a shared component revision in an application.

For more information, see REST API Reference.


New Certifications

  • TeamCity plugin support has been added for TeamCity 2017.
  • TeamCity Actions pack support has been added for TeamCity 2017.


Performance Improvements
Performance improvements have been made in the Deployments view and in the Administration views of the Agent management and permissions.


More Information
For more information about this release, including any updates made after this announcement, refer to the release notes section of the documentation.

You can download your copy of CA Release Automation 6.5 from CA Support Online.