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Image Pages Have Arrived

By Chris_Stallone posted 07-20-2016 03:32 PM


Image pages are now appearing on product communities. This feature will be turned on to give community members the option to engage with more visual content.


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With the images tab, you can view all of a place's images, gather images into collections for viewing together, and share collections with others. Community members will be able to upload images and make their own collections.


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Adding images to a place:

  1.    From the Images Tab
          Select Images > Add Images
         From the Pencil Icon
          Select Pencil icon > Files

    2. Select the images you wish to upload.

    • You can upload multiple images at once. To bulk upload, select multiple files before clicking submit.

    3. Add tags and categories to your image.

    • Tags and categories will be shared among all images when uploading multiple files at once.



Collections offer the ability to group a set of images together in an album.


To create a new collection

  1. Add images by selecting Images > + Add images.
  2. Enter tags and categories.
  3. Select the Filter by Tag, Category, or Author field.

Filter by Tag, Category or Author


   4. Select the tags, category, and or authors that you want to display in your collection.


Tag, Category, Author menu


Community members can share any saved collections as well as new collections they create.


Sharing a collection is simple.


  1. Select the collection that you want to share or create a new collection.
  2. Click Share Collection.
  3. Click Copy to Clipboard to copy a link to your new collection.