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9th CA 2E CA Plex Worldwide Developer Conference - Are You Going?

By SteveSolomon posted 04-06-2017 04:19 PM


Dear CA 2E and CA Plex Community,


It has been one full year since I joined this community and took over Product Management leadership for CA Plex and CA 2E.  What a year it has been and wow how the time does fly by.  It has been a great year and things are looking great for continuing improvement in what we all can do with these products. 


One of the Highlights of the year was the 8th Annual Worldwide Developer Conference in Austin.  Not only did I get to meet many of you I got to learn a lot about how you use the products, and most importantly the product you use with these tools for a complete development solution.   The more we understand each others goals and directions the better we can work together and make sure we are all working in the same direction.  


Last month I presented at the Finnish User Group and it was great being able to interact the customers there.  There is only one of me and it is difficult to attend all of the local user groups, that is why I am highly encouraging everyone to attend the Worldwide Developer Conference this September.  Lets all get together in one place to share knowledge and ideas. 


The team working on the 9th Annual Conference has been busy at work putting together a great conference with in depth training that you will be able to take back to your office and start using right away.  


I encourage everyone to check out the link to the conference and be there if you can. 

9th CA 2E CA Plex Worldwide Developer Conference: Register NOW! 

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