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File Sources - Setting up Webhooks/Hooks in your Source Control

By Colin Kurrant posted 01-16-2019 03:16 AM


CDD recently introduced a feature called file sources. To make this feature work, you'll need to know how to set up webhooks / hooks in your source control system. In this post, I've included a couple of handy links to get you up-and-running.


File sources are connections to the source control systems where release-as-code files reside, such as GitHub or Bitbucket. You configure file sources to enable changes to release-as-code files in your repository to automatically create and run releases.


After you've finished configuring your file source and save, you see a COPY WEBHOOK popup which contains an auto-generated webhook. You need to copy this webhook into your source control system to support the connection to and from CDD.


For GitHub

If you want to set up a webhook in GitHub, check out this simple and clear KBA (from hockeyapp):


For Bitbucket On-Premise

Use Bitbucket Hooks and not BitBucket Webhooks.

Follow these steps:

  1. Install Hooks from the marketplace -
  2. In Bitbucket, go to the required repository, and select 'Hooks' from the side menu.
  3. Enable the hooks.
    Now you can edit the hooks and paste a URL (the URL you got in CDD when creating the File Source).


For Bitbucket SaaS

If you want to set up a webhook in Bitbucket, check out the relevant Atlassian documentation: