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What you may have missed (June 2015)

By Anon Anon posted 07-02-2015 10:55 AM


The APM Community is always a very busy place! In case you haven't stopped by in a while, here is what you may have missed:



CA Application Performance Management, Introscope and CA Introscope for CA APM Upgrade r9.1.x End of Service Announcemen…

CA World '15 Registration is Now Open  (Discounts available for Community Members!)



Office Hours -->

[July 21] APM Office Hours: A Live Online Chat [July 2015]



[July 9] Webcast: Increase Agility and Collaboration with CA APM - “Catch Early, Fix Early”

[July 30] CANCELLED: APM Community Webcast - July 2015


Webinar series:

[July 9] Webinar - Introduction to the Loopback Node.js API Framework

[July 23] Webinar - API Security, Customization and Mobile Backends

[Aug 6] Webinar - Best Practices for Deploying Node.js in Production

[Aug 20] Webinar - Node.js Performance Tuning and DevOps (Aug 20)


Check out the replay to this event:  Webinar - What DevOps Means to IT Operations and Application Performance


New Field Packs


Service Desk Webstats Monitor

Easy Integration Web Service Fieldpack

CEMSuccessCalc.zip for APM 9.7


New Tech Tips/KB's

New APM, ASM, Exec Insight KBs for May 2015

Top 20 APM, ASM, Exec Insight KBs for May 2015

Process to Collect Wily Trace for Tibco BW Services

APM Tech Tip: TIM Settings Part Three (Troubleshooting)


New Blogs:

Docker, nginx and ActiveMQ field packs posted on Github

TIM: Fine tuning the TIM (incl. OS)

Don’t Miss CA Mobile App Analytics at the Agile Operations Launch Event

Logging in CA APM

Use APM Studio with APM 9.7


New Ideas:

How to get a list of Alerts and Threshold values

Enhancement Request: Have a limit on the number of rows in the APM CEM Overview Tab

Enhancement: Allow Load Balancing by CPU Workload

Enhancement Request: Loadbalancing.xml wizard

Enhancement Idea: Make it easier to determine Stats Aggregation Success

Mask username and password in ASM API URL String

Mask passwords in data returned from ASM API

SSL certificate expiration checks in Synthetic Monitor

Make request for server version in WebServerPowerPack Agent configurable

Webmethods 9.7, 9.8 support

Admin console on workstation



June Issue of SD Times an Interesting Read

Did you notice the APM documentation is being updated on a regular basis?

Regular Expressions and Metric Groupings Guide


Last Month's Edition:  What you may have missed (May 4 - May 31)


Want to learn more about Mobile App Analytics (MAA)?  follow the CA Mobilily community --> Deactivated - CA Mobility


check out all our video content --> CA APM

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07-07-2015 09:47 AM

Thanks for the CA Mobility Community shout-out, Melissa! We have lots of product experts in that community waiting to answer your questions about Mobile DevOps!