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Community Manager Appreciation Day 2018

By J.J.Lovett posted 01-22-2018 11:03 AM


Today is #CMAD2018 - a day we celebrate the work and achievements of the people who make online communities a reality - community managers.


Community Manager Appreciation DayWe are extremely lucky to have a dedicated team for community management and operations at CA Technologies. I'm sure you know most of them because you see their names on the homes pages, announcements and regular posts throughout the communities. They are (in alphabetical order): Melanie_Giuliani, Joe_Grimaldi, Chris_Hackett, MelissaPotvin C.J, Chris_Stallone, & LennThompson. On related teams, we also have SamCreek, sue.macaluso, & anara6 (through the addition of the Veracode family to CA's own). These folks make up an awesome team and keep things cranking along and ensuring successful engagement between CA, our customers, partners and prospects. They are the ones primarily responsible for all of the announcements, newsletters, webcasts, online chats, blogs & polls that are out there. Today is a day we say thank you for all that you do - even though much of it takes place in the background.


Today is also a day we say thanks to all of the people who take the principles of community management and integrate them into their day to day work - our CA Champions (too many wonderful people to list here) and all of the other people who take it upon themselves to put themselves out there and help you work with CA, our products and each other.  It's truly awesome to see and I am lucky to see it take place each and every day throughout the year.CMGT 101 Cover


Interested in learning more about community management? Here's a quick read by some leaders in the industry: CMGT 101: 17 Community Leaders Share Their Secrets for Success is packed with engagement ideas, governance tips, career advice, and more from community leaders. I was lucky enough to be able to contribute to the effort and after reading what my fellow community management peeps have to share, it's definitely worth a read.


Feel free to comment with a shout out for your community management efforts or a word of thanks for a community management hero in your world!