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API Management Community: What You May Have Missed [AUG 2015]

By kristen.palazzolo posted 09-01-2015 09:23 PM


What happened last month in the CA API Management Community? Check it out...


News & Announcements

Free Training - CA API Developer Portal r3.1: New Features 200

CA API Management Community Member Spotlight – Eric Goedtel


Tech Tips

Using RESTMan to create a user in the IIP

Dynamically sorting a JDBC Query using XSLT

Answered Questions

API Portal LDAP/ Social login support?

Do the audit_purge and manage_binlogs scripts still apply?

Obtain the resolution path as context variable in the policies

SAML Web SSO - Gateway acting as Service Provider

SOAP Services supported content-type header

Unable to obtain HTTP response from Unknown


Unanswered Questions

Help 'em out!

Signing a non-soap element

Customize API Portal Pages


Support Videos


Service Availability Assertions.mp4

Gateway Training-Session2_PT5-XML_VPN_Client-20141125.mp4

Gateway Training-Session3_PT2-Protocol_Transition-20141126.mp4

Gateway Training-Session3_PT1-Message Conversion-20141126.mp4

Gateway Training-Session2_PT1-SSL Overview-Inbound-20141125.mp4

Gateway Training-Session2_PT3-SSL Overview-CRL_OCSP-20141125.mp4

Gateway Training-Session2_PT2-SSL Overview-Outbound-20141125.mp4

Gateway Training-Session2_PT4-HTTP-Routing_Context-Variable-20141125.mp4

Gateway Training-Session4_PT2-PolicyBackedIdentityProvider-20141127.mp4

Audit and Logging within the Gateway.mp4


Support Docs

Iterating through stored passwords in the API Gateway with the WS-MAN service

Gateway application does not start successfully after performing a migration or upgrade

Chat Transcript: Office Hours for API [Aug 20th]

CA APIM Solution - Gateway Migration Guide (for v7.1 to v8x series


New Ideas

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SAML Authentication Request Validation Verifiy Signature for Http redirect

Enable PIV authentication into Policy Manager

using the custom resolution path as a context variable

Assertion "Allow access to IP Address Range" do not accept context variable in range


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