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TechTip: Testing Solution to Agent Gateway/SPS with one bad back-end

By Mark ODonohue posted 02-01-2017 08:07 AM


This tip describes testing the configuration for Agent Gateway/SPS setup that avoids the situation where one "bad" back-end server will stop all access requests via Agent Gateway even those to other working "good" back-end servers.


Testing the configuration from:

TechTip - Configure Agent Gateway/SPS to avoid one bad back-end taking down all AG/SPS traffic. 


In the video's here Agent Gateway version R12.6 was used, but the same result were obtained with testing earlier version SPS R12.52 Sp1.



04-Test Setup : 

This video walks through the VMWare machine test setup.  We have: a Frontend server with jmeter installed on it with test scripts for a "good" and "bad" backend server; we have an Agent Gateway/SPS machine forwarding the requests; and a backend web server with small test proxy program to simulate two backend servers and the ability to add a delay to the "bad" one.



05-Test Failure:

Here we show the test scripts, we have two instances of jmeter running, one running against the "good" site and one running against the "bad" site.   This test we show that with the default configuration when the "bad" backend server goes down, the Agent Gateway is blocked and we also can't access the other "good" backend server.  


06-Test Success:

Here we show the configuration changes, and then run the two jmeter test scripts.  We show that with the changed configuration when the "bad" backend server goes down, the Agent Gateway is not completely blocked and access to the "good" backend server still works correctly.




07 - Tools used : 


Header 1Header 2
JMeter PluginsJMeter Plugins :: 
Simulating down backendAny method of simulating (or even a real server) can be used to create the test scenario.   The java test tool I have used is attached below.
jmeter scripts. see attachment at end of post. 




Cheers - Mark