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Meet VP EMEA Customer Support: Julie Baxter

By Rachel_Macik posted May 27, 2015 12:58 PM


Meet-JulieBaxter.jpgAfter receiving her diploma in computer studies, from the University of Teesside, JulieBaxter joined CA as an intern – and never left! Her path began 19 years ago as a junior support engineer. She worked her way up to senior level with the Relational Database Ingres team, then moved into management and eventually became a support manager. Julie is a great example of career advancement within CA.


“I have held several leadership roles during my tenure, I worked in the Support Planning team, working with the Product business Units globally, Professional Development Manager, helping maximize the success of our engineers, and a Support Delivery Manager for several products, ensuring the service we are delivering for my products was of a high quality.”


Today, Julie is Vice President of the EMEA Customer Support Team, and takes pride in seeing CA technology enable business for our customers.


“I really enjoy working in Customer Support, and I love working with the customers to ensure they see the value from their investment.”


Why Join the Communities?


“While I am extraordinarily proud of my team, and the expertise and passion they bring to the customers on a daily basis, they do not have all the answers. The communities give the wider community using, deploying, managing, upgrading, optimizing the technology we create a voice. No one knows the technology better than those that use it every day. Don’t get me wrong, we know our technology, down to the last line of code, but it changes once it leaves ur servers. It evolves into 1000’s of unique use cases and every implementation and environment is unique. The advice and knowledge available in the community is the best expertise you will find anywhere.” 

Julie-Baxter.pngMore about Julie


"I am married to Barny and we have a son Harry who is 5 (Jan ’15), they both keep me very busy. Barny is my best friend, supporter, critic and trusted advisor.  Harry is the love of my life. He has been the absolute making of me, and he makes everything else make sense, he gives me my purpose.  We also have a 13 year old puppy called Poppy who keeps me company on my 6am jog down by our local canal. I also have a large extended family whom I adore.


I love the coast, the ocean and I love the feel of sand between my toes. We are frequent visitors to the north Cornish coast, where we enjoy walking on the beach, building sandcastles, surfing and body boarding and the odd Cornish pasty and pint of cider! I am also a crafter, I love to make things. I sew, crochet, make jewelry and refurb furniture.  It allows me to scratch my creative itch. I also sing in a choir called Rock Choir. I am an avid gardener, I love to grow things. Harry and I grow vegetables each year, my husband, however does not have a single green finger, but he is a dab hand with the mower   Barny loves to swim, open water mainly, he did the English Channel relay swim last year and this year’s challenge will be Lake Zurich and his 1st full Triathlon. Makes me tired (and cold) just thinking about it."




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