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Meet CA Support Manager: Tammy Faucher

By Rachel_Macik posted May 05, 2015 10:12 AM



Tammy started out in marketing communications, but for the last two and a half years she has been a people manager for the support engineers at CA based in Plano, Texas. She has most recently taken on the role of business insights analyst for the Customer Success team.



Tammy has been at CA for about 15 yrs. She began as a customer experience manager (CEM), which entails being onsite with customers collecting data on their post purchase experiences. After eight years as a CEM, she transitioned to the Plano office to promote newly offered support packages. This eventually led Tammy to step into a communications role for the Customer Success team. She helps insure that all of CA support engineers have access to high level training in their product area enabling them to assist the customer from beginning to end.


Tammy also says her team is encouraging a collaborative environment between support teams and customers.


“We need to partner together to get all the information to be able to troubleshoot it together. We have even taken down our cube walls so we can hear each other and jump in when we know we can help someone,” she explained.


They also encourage whiteboard sessions to help communicate new information or techniques to each other that would help everyone on the team. CA also has expert forums set up to discuss new technology help keep each other up to date on the industry.


If you have questions about the processes of resources available to our support engineers, connect and follow Tammy at tammy_faucher.


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