Broadcom Community Ideas Program: Frequently Asked Questions

By Lenn Thompson posted Apr 05, 2021 09:31 AM


Broadcom Community Ideas: Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Broadcom Ideas program?
“Ideas” is a forum in the Broadcom Communities where customers can post, vote, and comment on enhancement requests. The product teams monitor the Ideas board for future development plans. This is one of many ways product teams get feedback from customers.

How are ideas submitted?
To submit an idea, Broadcom customers should:

  1. Log into the Broadcom Communities (
  2. Click on “Ideas” from the main navigation (if you don’t see the link, you forgot to log in)
  3. Click on “Add” to create your idea
  4. Fill in the Title and Description
  5. Select one category (aka product)
  6. Click “Save”

  • Before you submit an idea, see if it already exists. Filter by category and click “Apply Filters.”
  • Be clear about what problem you are solving, not just how you want to solve it. We want to understand WHY this idea will help you.
  • Include your business case. If this idea will save you time or make you money, we want to support you.
  • Only select ONE CATEGORY. If your idea applies to multiple products, the product teams will coordinate internally.
  • Only include ONE IDEA per submission. If you ask for two things in one submission, it’s hard for people to vote for your idea.

How long will it take my submitted idea to appear?
If this is your first post, the community manager will first verify the post is appropriate. This may take up to 2 business days. After your first post, ideas will appear immediately.

My product isn’t in the list of categories. What do I do?
Some products use other channels to get feedback from customers and are not a part of the “Ideas” forum. In this case, contact your product team or start a discussion thread in the product community.

Who can see the ideas that have been submitted?
Broadcom Ideas are visible to any Broadcom Community member who is logged into the platform.

Who can vote on ideas?
Any logged-in community member can vote on any idea. To vote, click the thumbs up icon. When you have voted, the icon will turn blue.

Which ideas are open for voting?
Technically all ideas can be voted on, but votes are being watched most closely when in the “Ready for Voting” status.

Who reviews submitted ideas? How often?
Members of the product management team manage the “Ideas,” and collaborate with engineering, customers, and other stakeholders. The review cadence depends on the product, its development cycle, and the frequency of submissions.

Does an idea have to be a software change?
No. Ideas can be anything related to a product. Most ideas are enhancement requests that would change software, but we’ve seen ideas for training, certifications, conferences, partnership opportunities, and more.

What does each status mean?
A detailed description of each status can be found here.

My idea is marked as “Rejected.” Can that be reconsidered?
Technology and needs are constantly changing. An idea might not have been viable or impactful five years ago, yet today it’s simpler and super valuable (high ROI), so YES a status can be reconsidered. How? Get other customers to support the idea. Contact your product team. Clarify why this idea is important to your company. Be clear about the problem and what you will save or profit from this idea. Be objective: is it more valuable than the other ideas that are still open? Why?

Where can I ask questions about Broadcom Ideas?
You can contact your community management lead with questions:

  • Enterprise Software: Scott Willson (
  • Mainframe Software: Lenn Thompson (
  • Symantec: Amy Johnson (