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Improving the Customer Experience

By Anon Anon posted Nov 24, 2014 03:34 PM


CA Support is on a journey to improve the customer experience. As part of this journey we will be leveraging the communities (over the next 30 days) to get feedback not only on our current Support offerings and the value they provide, but also to determine new Support offerings that would provide value to you and other customers.


We believe our online community groups will provide a great platform to engage customers for feedback and certainly we want to hear your voice with respect to our current and future Support offerings.


If the term Support Offering is unfamiliar to you, think of it simply as the support services we provide such as telephone support and communities. The goal of the next 30 days is to determine what it is that you find highly valuable and also to identify the areas that you would like us to enhance our support offerings. During this 30 day period we will host polls, discussions, office hours and post blogs regarding Support offerings. We welcome and look forward to your participation in these events.

Please find content for your feedback below (this list will expand as more content is posted):

We are also hosting a series of Office Hours sessions, so you have the chance to ask our Support VP's any questions you may have on current/future support offerings or any of the discussions happening in the CA Communities. Check the list below for your session - and be sure to RSVP!

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