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 "UNSUPPORTED_PROCESSOR". Workstation 17/Windows 11 23H2.

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Stan Lee posted Jun 05, 2024 06:21 AM

As a paying customer I should have access to Support but Broadcom's Support infrastructure is an absolute disaster so it looks like free Community support might be all my money buys in 2024.

I am running VMware Workstation 17.5.2 on Windows 11. When I set up a Windows 11 VM under "easy" default settings I receive a BSOD when Windows 11 boots with the error "UNSUPPORTED PROCESSOR".
The short-term fix for this is to reduce the amount of virtual processors for the VM to 1 so it runs like dirt.

Is this a known issue pending a fix?

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Broadcom Employee Dhairya Tomar

@Stan Lee When you see this BSOD issue, again, suspend the VM at the BSOD screen, go to the VM directory by right clicking the affected VM in the library pane->Click on Open VM directory, locate the .vmem and .vmss files and share them here.

Also request you to share the support bundle of the affected VM using below-

Help->Support->Collect Support Data.