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 Is it possible to have WSL2 and Vmware Workstation on the same PC?

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alex leo posted Jun 03, 2024 02:37 PM


I have a PC with Win 10 22H2 x64 Pro and I have "Hyper-V" and "Windows subsystem for Linux" optional features enabled (I debug my software on WSL2).

When I tried to power on a virtual machine on Vmware Workstation Pro 17.5.1 I got a Virtualized AMD-V/RVI is not supported on this platform error.

If I turn WSL2 off (bcdedit /set hypervisorlaunchtype off and disable "Windows subsystem for Linux" optional feture) my wirtual machine start with no problem.

So is there a workaround? Is it to have WSL2 and Vmware Workstation on the same PC?

Thank you in advance.

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Yes, it is possible for WSL2 and VMware Workstation to coexist on the same Windows host.

My configuration:

VMware Workstation 17.5.2
Host: Windows 11 23H2
State of Windows features:

  • Hyper-V (off)
  • Virtual Machine Platform (on)
  • Windows Hypervisor Platform (on)

I believe only the later 2 are required for WSL2.

I'm not familiar with bcedit, so can't tell if that's related to your problem.

Try the following:

  • Double-check your BIOS/EFI settings to ensure that virtualization is enabled. Sounds like a longshot, b/c if it isn't enabled you would not be able to install any of the virtualization tools.
  • Check if the CPU on your Windows 10 host supports Virtualized AMD-V/RVI
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Martin Olsson

I have the same question.

Is it possible to have VMware Workstation Pro (v17) and WSL simultaneously on Windows 11?
If I try, I'm not allowed to run any VMware VM with VT-x/AMD-v enabled - the VM won't start.
So I have to uncheck this virtualization support, and yes, the VM run, but so slooooooow it is a pain to use it.

Is it possible to run VMware VMs with "normal" performance simultaneously with WSL? How?