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 How to get set up for VMware Workstation Pro online support & downloads

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rcfritts posted May 15, 2024 06:15 PM

HELP!  After a week and a half and 8 different tries with Broadcom Support by phone, nobody there seems to know how to fix my issue and it seems that no two reps can even agree on how to proceed.  Everyone says it somebody else's problem, but can't get it done.

Short version:  All I'm trying to do is simply get set up on the Broadcom support site so I can download Workstation updates, Release Notes, and Open Source files - exactly what I have been doing forever from VMware's old site (my first version of Workstation was v3.2).

Long version: I own two copies of Workstation Pro, but since the transition to Broadcom on 5/6, I cannot access online support resources.  I followed Broadcom's email instructions and created a login on their site at before 5/6, but my licenses were never brought over.  That means I do not have the needed 'entitlement' to do normal tasks, such as download the latest version of the software or the open source files.  Here's a brief list of what they have had me try so far:

  1. I called their support line at 800-225-5224.  Over something like a dozen calls, we've generated 2 support cases and 2 possible Site IDs for me, neither of which has solved anything.
  2. One rep told me I need to go to to work with Workstation.  However, that site has no record of my email address, so I can't login or change my password.  I'm using the same email address I've been using with VMware since my initial purchase of version 3.2.
  3. Another rep told me I had to call 877-486-9273, which is the separate number that handles Workstation support.  But so far, I have been unable to find any way to speak to a human being on that line.
  4. I even tried calling their corporate headquarters with the same result.  I only get told by recordings to contact my sales rep.
  5. Today, another rep told me that my issue had to be handled by posting on this community site.  When I pointed out that there's no community for this kind of problem, he said I should post it in any available community and they would get me on the right track.  Talk about passing the buck!
  6. And, yes, I have tried simply searching for the software on the support portal under My Downloads.  I can locate the software there, but the download button will not work - when my mouse hovers over it, it displays a 'Not Entitled' message.

In other words, I'm getting nowhere with their official support line, so I'm giving it a try here.

About the only thing that seems clear to me so far is that is an issue because I own "personal" licenses from VMware.  I am not now, and never have been, a "commercial" VMware customer (whatever that is).  I don't have any contract or other ongoing business relationship with them.  I just purchased lifetime licenses for my own use and download updates as they come out and upgrades to new versions every few years as needed.  Because of that, I don't have a Site ID or Account Number, which seems to completely confuse Broadcom support.

Can anybody offer any advice on how to sort this out and who are the right people to contact?