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 How to download VMWare Workstation?

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Het Patel posted May 21, 2024 06:38 PM

I have spent enough time to download Workstation Pro 16, but I just don't find a way due to the new site transition and poor or no support. I'm not entitled to download the product. So I try make a "build you profile" to get access. For that I need a "Site ID". For which I have to create a case which has still not be responded after many days. I tried contacting support but the page is down. How do I get the product? VMware workstation 16.2.4 pro

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Michael Bronzini

Broadcom doesn't seem to have an interest for small/medium based companies with valid licenses but no support contract.
I could not create a Site ID and I'm left with only a basic user account.
But the good news for VMware Workstation Pro 17, is that Broadcom has made it free for personal use.
So anyone can download VMware Workstation Pro 17.0 for Personal Use (both Linux & Windows versions)

Use this link:

You will see the following choices:


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Yeah we used microsoft winget to update our vmware workstations, it was the easiest way on mass, and we have a site id, and yet we don't even have access to our entitlements.

Winget has removed VMWare Workstation Pro now and they noted that the download URL needs personal headers to download.

However for your case of just needing an old 16 package if you still have your license key, I have a work around, Winget recorded the old URL for 16 in this file


It was 


And you can try to get it via archive.org, however, those downloads are crazy slow and might disconnect.


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In my case, I have 2 v17 pro licenses with on-going entitlement to access maintenance updates. I do not need support, just access to download updates. Well, without a site ID, the Broadcom support site and support staff seem to have no way to provide the entitled access.  Worse, repeated requests to escalate the non-compliance for resolution, seems to fall on deaf ears.

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Jordan Clarfield

In the same boat here. Cannot get ANY info from Broadcom OR VMware re my workstation 17 pro. 

There is a vast difference from needing support vs. needing access to download files. I think I was forced into the 'free' download, because I got a notice a couple weeks back saying "You need to update your VMware software" for it to keep warning. I should have thought twice before hitting "yes". Now, every time I boot my virtual machine, I get "WMWare Tools unrecoverable error: (host-10284): Exception 0xc0000096 has occurred".

All my internet searches did not reveal any direction or advice on repair (aside from being told to make a Broadcom account). Made a Broadcom account, and don't see ANYTHING about my license/subscription/account, etc. Its as if I created a free broadcom account for no specific reason.

Does anyone have any idea what's going to happen with this? A lot of people out there are saying non-corporate/business users are gonna get left out in the cold...any actual concrete info in these regards?