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 Cannot Download Fusion Pro for Personal Use Due to Account Verificaiton

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GumbyX84 posted May 22, 2024 02:57 PM

I cannot download Fusion Pro for Personal Use under my migrated VMWare Support Account. When I click the download link I get the following:

I have reset my password multiple times but I still get this error message. My account details were not migrated correct and I cannot change the name, email address, or job title from the Broadcom My Profile page (My Profile (broadcom.com)). I cannot build a profile because I do not have a site code. Phone support first put me on hold indefinitely. Called again and they said I had to post here in order to get support.  

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Mervyn Ashby

Does anyone know how to get past the  "Account verification is Pending. Please try after some time." message? The Virtual Assistant certainly doesn't; and any suggestion that it has any intelligence is, frankly, laughable!

Fortunately I have managed to upgrade my Fusion installation to 13.5.2 via the built-in application update facility and applied the License change procedure to get the Free for Personal Use setting, but the official Broadcom download procedure remains a total dead end for me and any attempt to contact Broadcom via the suggested methods is like talking to a brick wall. I did manage to get a backup copy of the 13.5.2 installer via VMware downloads but, obviously, don't know how long that link may last.