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 Can I import a VM from vCentre 8 to vCentre 7?

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Bernard Thomas posted May 15, 2024 09:33 PM

Hi all

We are currently in the process of migrating to a new data centre, which is running vCenter 8 U2b. Our existing vCenter is running vCentre 7 u3p. We have successfully carried out a test hot migration from 7 to 8, but we also want to know if we can migrate in the other direction, for whatever reason.

When I try to do an "Import VM" from VC 8 to VC 7, from the VC 7 instance, when I get to the stage of selecting a host esx to migrate to, I get the following message 

 "vCenter does not support hosts of this type ( )"

Is this a version issue? I have not been able to find out much search wise.

Thanks in advance

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vCenter can only manage hosts of up to a maximum of its version—hence why we always update vCenter before ESXi during the lifecycle process: if we update ESXi before vCenter, then we are effectively cutting-off vCenter's ability to manage our newly-updated hypervisors. However, for your particular case, it sounds like the VM could be migrated back to the vSphere 7 instance, provided the virtual-hardware version had not yet been upgraded. The vSphere 8 instance would have been able to support vSphere 7 virtual-hw version VMs; however, the inverse is not true: therefore, once the initial v7 VM (virt-hw.v19?) migrated into v8 environment (virt-hw.v20?), vCenter 8 has no issue managing that VM. But if vCenter 8 upgrades the virt-hw.version to 20 on that VM, then vCenter 7 will not be able to manage it, because it only knows up to virt-hw.v19 VMs. Simply place on host that can be supported by vCenter 7, disconnect host from v8 environment once VM ha migrated to it- then attach that host back to vSphere 7 environment and migrate VM back to where originally desired. Move vHost back to v8 environment, if desired. Good luck.