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  • 1.  vSAN Licensing

    Posted Aug 17, 2023 02:43 PM

    We currently have a vCenter Server 8 Essentials and a vSphere 8 Essentials license. How does one upgrade to get vSAN capabilities. When trying to create a vSAN cluster, I am not able to apply either of the licenses to the cluster. It isn't clear to me what license packages cover what on the store.

    Can someone help outline what would be best for a small company looking into vSAN? (We'll likely be setting up the 2 node vSAN configuration, but we currently only have one of those nodes).

  • 2.  RE: vSAN Licensing

    Posted Aug 17, 2023 03:51 PM

  • 3.  RE: vSAN Licensing

    Posted Aug 17, 2023 04:08 PM

    Please note vSphere Essentials Kit or vSphere Essentials Plus Kit licensing limits the number of hosts managed by vCenter Server for Essentials to three. Please refer this vSAN White paper page 9 for different scenarios.

  • 4.  RE: vSAN Licensing

    Posted Aug 17, 2023 04:15 PM

    Yes, I believe we're looking into setting up this configuration:

    Two physical hosts at a remote office are running a two-node vSAN configuration managed by the same vCenter Server.

    Is this supported with the essentials kit? It doesn't seem like it is when trying to use the vSAN cluster. Is it possible that it's licensed incorrectly?



    The licenses I listed earlier are not showing up.

  • 5.  RE: vSAN Licensing

    Posted Aug 17, 2023 04:27 PM

    Using vSAN in production environments requires a special license that you assign to each vSAN cluster. After you enable vSAN on a cluster, you must assign the cluster an appropriate vSAN license. Similar to vSphere licenses, vSAN licenses have per CPU capacity. When you assign a vSAN license to a cluster, the amount of license capacity used equals the total number of CPUs in the hosts participating in the cluster.

  • 6.  RE: vSAN Licensing

    Posted Aug 17, 2023 04:29 PM

    So vSAN Standard is a license that we would buy? For a single cluster with one CPU, this is just for one license right?

    How come its not listed anywhere on the vmware store?

  • 7.  RE: vSAN Licensing

    Posted Aug 20, 2023 09:14 PM

    vSAN is licensed per host, per CPU

    and there are also different versions of vSAN.

    So if you want to create a vSAN with 3 hosts with 2 CPUs per host, you need 6 vSAN licenses of vSAN ... or either




    Enterprise Plus