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    Welcome back to the new PowerCLI Community.   We are working hard with the developers to fix the code insert issue many of you reported.   This formatted code on the previous platform but did not convert well so we are working patching all posts.   I appreciate your patience.   @Jason McClellan, Platform Admin

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  • The root account is only used to connect a host to the vCenter Server environment. Once connected, vCenter Server manages the hosts using the "vpxuser" account, for which vCenter Server changes the password regularly. André

  • Your section of code below is not giving you any info # Get the VM Tools object $vmTools = $vmObject.ExtensionData I tried the code with this and now see info when I get to the rest of your code. # Get the VM ...

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    When we run the PowerCLI Connect-VIServer command, ...

    When we run the PowerCLI Connect-VIServer command, we have found that it takes about 1 minute and 40 seconds to execute. For this ...

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    Validate VLAN Connectivity on Specific ESXi Physical ...

    Wondering if there was a way to execute a ping request or something similar from an ESXi host to validate VM connectivity on a ...

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    I was willing to eat an increased cost. I was willing to deal with a more convoluted support process. This, I can't abide by: Starting approximately Sunday, May 5, 2024, at 7:30 p.m. (PDT) , VMware customers should use the broadcom support ...

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    Does anyone know how to export SRM configuration via PowerCLI or REST API? I am able get it from SRM console GUI and like to automate this process. Thanks in advance! JP