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 Enabling traffic encryption with Antrea

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Alvaro Fernandez Rodriguez posted Jul 10, 2024 03:57 AM


I've been trying to enable traffic encryption in a TKGs workload cluster using Antrea as CNI.

As soon as I edit the antrea-config configmap to enable it, it gets restored to its default state.

I have also tried to modify the antreaconfig CRD in my Supervisor, but trafficEncryptionMode is not a field of the spec.

Is this a supported configuration? Maybe I can mess with the Antrea package that is auto-installed?

Thanks in advance.

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Broadcom Employee Nicholas Marts

Hello Alvaro,

Thanks so much for the great question! Unfortunately right now, the Antrea package is configured/managed by the supervisor cluster base off of the supervisor cluster's desired state for that guest cluster. 

I have escalated to our engineering team about exposing these kinds of configurations in a future version and sited your specific use case. 


vSphere with Tanzu Global Support Lead

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Alvaro Fernandez Rodriguez

Hello Nicholas, 

Thanks for your answer. Would we be able to modify this setting if we deployed TKGm instead?

I see it mentioned in the management cluster configuration doc, but it isn't clear to me if this is only for the management cluster, or if I can also apply it in the workload clusters as I can't see it in the workload cluster creation doc.

Thanks again for your time.