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Introducing Data Loss Prevention 14.5 

Jul 06, 2016 04:40 PM

As our jobs demand more collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers outside of our organizations, security teams are working harder than ever to secure an exponentially growing number of interconnected devices and applications, and keep sensitive data from slipping through the cracks. 


The DLP team at Symantec is passionate about helping companies protect their most valuable and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. The new version of Data Loss Prevention 14.5 adds over twenty new data discovery, monitoring and protection capabilities to eliminate blind spots and give security teams better visibility and control over sensitive data. Read on to learn more!


Minimize Your Cloud Security Risks                                                       

During the past year, we’ve introduced new cloud discovery and monitoring capabilities for Box, Gmail for Work and Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online. DLP 14.5 expands those capabilities so you can store and share data in the cloud even more securely.


With DLP Cloud Storage, you can track sensitive documents that users are storing and sharing on Box, and identifies risky practices such as using shared links which could give open access to unauthorized users. When users violate a policy, you can automatically move exposed files and folders a protected quarantine folder on Box and leave behind a marker file in its place to notify users by leveraging the new File Quarantine feature of DLP Cloud Storage. Not only can you secure unprotected files, but also visually tag files to alert users to self-remediate sensitive files and folders.

Box Screenshot.jpg


Along with the release of DLP 14.5, we’ve rolled out an update to our DLP Cloud Service for Email. The DLP Cloud Service for Email is a cloud-powered data detection service that provides powerful email monitoring for Gmail for Work, Microsoft Exchange Online, and now your on-premises Microsoft Exchange Server, and can be easily plugged into your existing DLP Enforce Management Server. It protects your corporate email regardless of whether it’s hosted in a conventional on-premise email application, public or private cloud email service, or a hybrid mix of on-premise and cloud environments.


Cloud Email Screenshot A.png


Spot PII in Imaged Form Documents

Tax returns, insurance claims, patient forms are rife with personally identifiable information (PII) that goes undiscovered because forms are often stored as imaged documents that aren’t easily recognized by security tools. With DLP Form Recognition, you can spot sensitive data in images of handwritten and typed forms. Form Recognition is a new type of content detection technology that leverages intelligent image processing to catch and stop confidential data that would otherwise go undetected in scanned or photographed forms.

Form Recognition.png


Control Data in Use Across More Apps, Files and Platforms  

Employees have limited knowledge of the cybersecurity risks they face both inside and outside the enterprise firewall. With the DLP Endpoint Agent, you can keep them safe wherever they work by monitoring and protecting data in use across a wide range of activities such as downloading to removable storage; copying and pasting within documents; and sending over the web. In this release, we’ve added endpoint coverage for new apps, file types and operating systems routinely used by employees to store and share sensitive data:

  • Mac OS 10.11
  • Microsoft Office 2016 file types
  • Microsoft Outlook 2011 email client
  • Box for Office and Box Sync applications
  • Chrome, Firefox and Safari browsers (via HTTP and HTTPS)
  • Cisco Jabber and Skype for Business instant messaging clients
  • Skype instant messaging client                                                              


Guard Dangerous SSL Blind Spots 

With more and more applications encrypting their traffic to protect users from prying eyes, you lose visibility into sensitive content that company insiders are unwittingly leaking or knowingly concealing under the cover of encrypted protocols like SSL. In DLP 14.5, we’ve added new SSL monitoring capabilities for web, email, FTP and IM communications by leveraging integrations between DLP Network Monitor and these leading SSL decryption products: Blue Coat SSL Visibility and Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls.

Learn More

To learn more about what’s new in the latest version of Data Loss Prevention 14.5 visit

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Jun 13, 2018 05:47 PM

Hello All,

DAR Incident Remediation Question

I have a question about Symantec terminology.  Working with DAR Incidents  symantec uses Data Exposure Details to describe document scanned.

The documentation describes the following:

Document is Publically Exposed : Specifies if the document is exposed in a publically accessible location.

Document is Exposed: Specifies the document is exposed outside the organization.


Can anyone tell an example of a Publically exposed document.   An incident I came across indicated the document was 

Publically Exposed  No

Document is  Exposed Yes

I appreciate any clarification on these terms.


Thanking you in advance





Aug 25, 2017 09:35 AM

Does anyone have a paper on how Skype IM's are protected please?

Historically this has been a nightmare so i am keen to understand, and be able ot explain to my exec community.



Aug 03, 2017 04:50 PM

When can we expect to see DLP for skype passed through a proxy and not an endpoint agent? I believe this is what a majority of people want.... For example, if there are multiple environments which contain skype, you want users able to communicate back and forth, but not to send certain information from one environment to another.


Mar 24, 2017 10:36 AM



Does DLP 14.6 support detecting IM chatting on Lync, Skype, skype for business.




Jan 10, 2017 03:12 AM

One of the best improvements I have seen with Exchange Server is the data loss prevention, which is great considering how likeable Exchange Online has become for organizations. I really like the multi-factor authentication with Lync and Exchange, about which you can explore here.

Dec 14, 2016 11:04 AM

Hi Linda,


This is really nice documents that gives us a idea about the latest features of Symantec DLP ver 14.5. The most awaited feature that I was looking for since long is OCR but at least now Symantec is bit closer to it by having Form based detection technology. Also more focused on cloud-based data protection which is also good part which Symantec has focused.

Sep 19, 2016 02:42 PM

Hi Linda, 

Will the 12.5.2 EP agents be able to monitor Cisco Jabber from 14.5 Enforce console? I read about backward compatibiltiy but still question weather the application monitoring would flow down from Enforce. 

Thanks in advance,


Aug 17, 2016 01:36 PM

I had the same issue and I contacted support who did something on the backend to enable the download for 14.5

Aug 10, 2016 01:42 PM

Hello All,

Do I need a different Serial # to download 14.5 from Flexconnect? I'm inputting my 14.0 license and I can only see 14.0, 14.0.1, and 14.0.2.



Aug 09, 2016 12:36 PM

Hi Doc,

Unfortunately, no. The upgrade path from 11.x is 12.0 to 12.5 to 14.0 to 14.5. 

As for the Oracle database, DLP 14.5 supports

  • Oracle 11g Standard Edition (or Standard Edition One) version (64-bit) with the most recent Critical Patch Update
  • Oracle 12c Enterprise Edition. This configuration is supported for new and upgraded installations of DLP14.5

For complete system requirements, check out our online guide!


Aug 09, 2016 12:20 PM


The 12.5 Agent will still be able to send incidents to the 14.5 Enforce Server, but policy and configuration udpates won't be distributed to the Agents from Enforce. That said, we recommend upgrading from 12.5 to 14.0 to 14.5. What we have seen other customers do as a best practice is upgrade the servers over a weekend and then upgrade the agents when it's convenient for users.

Hope that helps! 


Aug 08, 2016 03:31 PM

Hi Guys,


Please can anyone direct me on where i can write the online assessment for any of the symantec product?

Jul 14, 2016 11:10 PM

Can I upgrade from v11.x directly to 14.5 ... and what versions of Oracle are supported by this new release ...?? Thanks doc brown

Jul 08, 2016 11:57 PM


I will confirm that the 14.5 Enforce Server is backwards compatible with the 12.5 Endpoint Agent and get right back to you!



Jul 06, 2016 11:31 PM

Hi Linda,

Is the Enforce Server 14.5 version could still recognized 12.5 agent version?

Your response is very much appreciated!

Thanks a lot in advance.


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